Too Many

When I was in Oregon, we took Molly’s dogs to a 200 acre dog park along the Columbia river. Even tho it was 8:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning, both parking lots were close to full. When we came out of the forest there were people screaming at each other about who was entitled to the spot one of them had just pulled into. They were going at it at the dog park. Seems people just want to fight, right now.
Southern California is crowded. Leaving Pasadena there was traffic, lots of traffic on the freeway. Miles and miles of traffic moving at no more than 10 miles an hour. When I opted to remove myself from the never ending bumper to bumper line of cars on I5…apparently a few hundred other people had the same idea. There were cars and more cars waiting to get into the rest area, and of course, not one place to park. Seemed everyone had to pee at the same time.
Now I’m in San Diego with no inclination to throw myself back into the lunacy of the highway. Not yet. I’m doing what I’ve been doing for the past year, except I’m in Taylor’s world. I’m painting in her back yard, cooking great food in her kitchen, eating great food made by someone other than me and carrying on with the coconut cocktails I learned about when I was with Nancy and Tamara in Sonoma.
I’m happy to not be home even though I love my world in Seattle. After a year of enforced monogamy with my house and my garden I’m finally elsewhere.
I’m not driving when Taylor and I head up to Big Bear tomorrow. She has a sweet little house up there where we can search the night sky for UFO’s while soaking in her hot tub. I’m storing up my driving energy for the northern trek which doesn’t begin quite yet.
Relaxing is happening. I’m soaking up the sunshine, warming up and spreading out.