“Officer! I had no idea this little Kia Soul could even do 92! Are you sure?” Was he even a policeman? He wasn’t one of those boys in blue I’ve encountered in the past. He was wearing brown and seemed to have stolen his hat from a Canadian Mountie. “Do you think there could be something wrong with your radar?”
Clearly there was something wrong with my radar, I hadn’t seen him coming. Although I do remember wondering why everyone was driving so slowly!
So the mandatory speeding ticket (seeme like there’s always at least one on a road trip) got taken care of on day two. And, yes I plan to slow down today.
Scanning through the radio stations in Southern Oregon I learned that you’re guaranteed a spot in heaven if you carry a gun for Christ. Amazing. Truly amazing.
Today I’ll listen to my own music and it won’t be long until I’ll be in one of my favorite places…WEED. I plan to stop and pick up a few souveniers that have WEED written all over them, while her majesty, Mt. Shasta, reigns supreme.
Inspiration has been buried under a blanket of covid for far too long and I ‘m on a quest to find the motherlode somewhere between here and there.
Meanwhile I have amazing and interesting friends who seem to be happy to see me, happy to feed me, drink wine with me and put me up in their stellar guest accomodations.
When I was young an travelling it was called “crashing” We’d crash on each other’s couches, and sometimes on the floor. But things have picked up with age. We now own homes and have created comfort and privacy not only for ourselves, but… (lucky for me) for our guests. I’m graciously ensconsed in guest rooms and cottages. I’m offered great food and wine accompanied by interesting and intimate conversations as we revel in the fact that we’ve been friends for so many years.